The Street Preacher

The Street Preacher

Charlie Freeman has been hearing the street preacher talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ twice a week  in front of the New York City bank building where he works. He’s intrigued and embarrassed at  the same time over his interest. He wants to know more so he strikes up a conversation with the street preacher one evening. What he hears about Jesus’ love and death on Calvary for his sins changes his life-but not yet. Turmoil and the breaking apart of his life precede his conversion and salvation to Christ.

“The Street Preacher” is a new type of novel, a “gospel-tract novel”, with the elements of Christianity, salvation, and faith in Christ written into the text of the story so that readers not only find an interesting story but also the elements of the doctrine of Christianity higlighted in the text. Readers will find bible references notating doctrinal concepts within the sotry and explanations for those concepts, associated with the scriptures, following the story.

It is the hope of the author that by reading this story and studying the concepts and bible highlighting them that readers will come to know Jesus in saving grace or that Christians already walking in faith will find themselves strengthened in the life of God.

By:  Jay Hines

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